by Donald Cantrell

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Funeral Frustrations and Suicide (2)
Series: Funeral Services
Donald Cantrell
1 Chronicles 10:1-6

I - The Horrible Matter of Suicide
II - The Hellish Misperception of Suicide
III - The Healing Message of Suicide

This sermon contains a fully alliterated outline with subpoints.

If you are looking for insight on suicide and needful information to help you be more prepared when you get the call to preach a funeral of a person that experienced suicide this sermon will help you. It is literally a comprehensive study on suicide and the bible.

Theme: ''Preaching the funeral of someone that committed suicide
and truthfully finding out what the bible has to say''

In this sermon we will discuss the matter of suicide and how to handle the subject when you have to conduct the funeral of someone that has experienced suicide. We will list most of the incidences in the bible that are related to suicide and we will then deal with the hellish misperceptions that are related to suicide and one's eternal standing.

One has to truly misinterpret scripture to come up with some of the stances that I have heard concerning suicide. In reality in biblical days many looked upon suicide to be noble and acceptable in many instances. Let me say this for sake of argument, I am not condoning suicide or promoting it. I think suicide has horrific ramifications and the results are horrific to those left behind.

Nevertheless, one needs to set aside their preconceived notions and allow the bible to settle the debate or the discussion. I had always heard that anyone that committed suicide would end up in hell. As I grew up and begin to preach and eventually had to preach the funerals of several that had committed suicide, I wanted to know the truth.

In this sermon it is my desire to deliver the truth clearly and confidently concerning this horrific act. In most cases suicide is only horrific to those left behind; it is not perceived as horrific by the one leaving behi ...

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