by Jim Perdue

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Funeral of a Family Member (3 of 5)
Series: Funeral Services
Jim Perdue


On behalf of the family I want to say thank you for your presence today. I know that your being here brings them support and comfort during this time of loss. We are here today first and foremost to honor Jesus Christ. But also to honor the life and legacy of ___________.


Scripture: Psalms 23


Song: Amazing Grace


This is an incredibly daunting task for me today. Please understand that I realize that many of you could stand up here and do a much better job than I am going to do talking about ___________. Many of you are more eloquent than I am and you knew him better as well. Please understand also that there's no way that I can tell you all of the great and wonderful things about ___________. We would be here all day long and I don't think I can last quite that long.

But I want you to know that I am honored today to talk to you for a little while about ___________. There was no one else in the world like ___________. Many of you here knew him in different ways. Some simply knew him as _______. He was your coworker, your business associate, your hunting buddy, your neighbor or your friend. Others of you knew him as _______ and he was your son, your brother, your cousin or your relative. When I met _______ she didn't call him _______. She called him ''_______.'' Now, I thought that was very formal at first until I learned that _______ had started all this with _______'s friend, _______. And it was really a term of endearment. To _______ and to _______, he was daddy. I'll be honest, that's one of my favorite words in the English language because I happen to be one. And he was just as much a ''daddy'' to _______ and to _____ and a true father-in-law to me. And to _______, he was _______, your husband, your love. Both of you loved each other very much. I know you loved _______ very much. And you need to know that he knew that too. ...

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