by Jerry Vines

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A Graveyard Miracle (16 of 17)
Jerry Vines
John 11

I have been in a series of miracles of the Lord. I have called this series, “I Believe in Miracles” because I believe the same Jesus who performed miracles when He walked on the earth 2,000 years ago is alive and is working miracles in people’s lives today. We praise God for the miracles we had in the service this morning. God is still saving people. God is still changing lives. It’s exciting, isn’t it?

If you have been saved you have experienced the miracle of the new birth and you have experienced other miracles along the way in your life and you may experience many more. But I am here to guarantee you from the Word of God that whether you ever experience any other miracles in your life as a believer there is one more miracle you are going to experience and we are going to find out about it in John 11.

We’ve been talking a great deal about the importance of the family. The family is the basic unit of society and family is very important to every one of us. All of us have families of varieties of kinds. There is the traditional family where we have a father and a mother and the children. There are blended families. There are single families. Whatever your family unit may be your family is very special and it is very, very important to you.

So, we are going to talk for a little while about the importance of family in relationship to something that gets closer to the family, I suppose, than any other experience. Our church is a church that is committed to minister to families. Whatever the circumstances of your family might be, whatever the need your particular family experiences right now, I believe there is a ministry, there is something our church can do that will help you and that will be with you through this very special time. When you study the Bible you will find that family is important in the Bible also. You will also notice that there are many kinds of families m ...

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