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Humility, Thankfulness, Proclamation (2 of 8)
Series: Psalm
Brian Fletcher
Psalm 107

Our actions have consequences. Tell some story of me goofing something up. Distress and Redemption. The idea is that I tell them my story of distress and redemption in the introduction and then let them know it was that easy to share and they can do it too, with their friends.

This Psalm is structured in a very specific way.
V1-3: Introduction
V4-9: Distress and Redemption #1
V10-16: Distress and Redemption #2
V17-22: Distress and Redemption #3
V23-32: Distress and Redemption #4
V33-43: Conclusion

In the four passages of distress and redemption we see people wandering, sitting in darkness, rebelling against the words of God, spurning God's counsel, being foolish, sinning, having their courage melted, reeling and staggering, putting their trust in material possessions. And in each passage the story is the same:
They sin against God
they face the consequences
they cry out to the Lord
the Lord delivers them
they thank the Lord.

What we want to see here is the proper response to our distress and redemption:
Humility, Thankfulness and Proclamation

In this Psalm various groups of people had found themselves in all these difficult situations. Situations that they could not get themselves out of. And how do they respond? They cry out to God.

Crying out to God is humbling because it shows that we are stuck and without hope except for Him saving us.
These people were lost, broken, in bondage, some were suffering and afflicted due to their own sinfulness.
Unfortunately, crying out to God is usually our last ditch effort to try and save ourselves, instead of crying out to God first, we try to fix our problems first.
Some of our difficult situations can be avoided if we cry out to God before we get to the end of our rope. We really should cry out to God before we make impulsive decisions that could have dire consequences. We need ...

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