by Brian Fletcher

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Normal Life (4 of 8)
Series: Psalms
Brian Fletcher
Psalm 118:1-18

Normal Life?

Everyone wants to live a normal life. But of course, each person defines it for themselves, what their normal life looks like. I'll bet that most for most people a normal life does not include:
- A messy house with shoes and backpacks and legos everywhere
- An unbalanced family budget
- Sickness
- Being late for church
- Disobedient children
- Car repairs
- Being misunderstood
- Relational conflict
- Stop and go traffic
- Delayed flights
- Dishonest clients
- Being tired and exhausted from chasing toddlers around the house all day
- Allergies
- Drought
- Death

Aren't these things actually more ''normal'' than anything else normal you can think of?
You're just a pessimist, no I'm a realist.

These things happen every day yet we don't expect them to.

We've covered Genesis 1-3 and have seen that God created the world and all that is in it, and it was good. But we also saw Adam and Eve disobey the Lord and push the world into a chaotic tailspin of sin and rebellion, this has had disastrous consequences, including polluting us with sin. We have carried the torch and continue to rebel against God and wreak havoc in our personal lives and the world around us. No one is without blame in this mess of a world we live in.
So our ''normal'' lives are NOT what we expected. So what do we do? How do we fix this situation? How do we live in the new ''normal''?

I believe Psalm 118 gives us some answers and insight into how we should respond. But before we get there let's remember the context of this Psalm:
This is a celebratory psalm of Thanksgiving and praise.
Psalms 113-118 likely provided the hymns that Jesus and his disciples sang after their Passover meal.
Remember, the Passover meal celebrated the deliverance of the Israelites by God after they had been in slavery in Egypt for 400 years.
They had gone through hell and they were delivered, and they ...

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