by Brian Fletcher

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Satisfaction Guaranteed (8 of 8)
Series: Psalms
Brian Fletcher
Psalm 145:1-21

ESV Psalm 145:16 You open your hand; you satisfy the desire of every living thing.
Well, Christmas was yesterday. It finally came. We spent weeks getting ready for it. We spent tons of money paying for it. We wrote our lists of what we wanted. We eagerly anticipated getting the one gift that we really wanted this year. We had great expectations of what Christmas morning was going to be like, our kids wide eyed as they looked under the tree on Christmas morning, parents smiling as their kids screamed and squeeled at the presents that they had spent so much time and money and love picking out.
Well, are you satisfied? Are you satisfied with what you got, with what you gave? Are you satisfied with how well the whole ordeal was pulled off? Some of the presents you got came with a ''Satisfaction Guarantee.'' One thing I noticed recently was a slight change in LL Bean's return policy. It used to be that their things were guaranteed for life. Now they want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. So, if you rain jacket lining begins to come apart (like mine) and you are not ''completely satisfied'' then you can return it.

Completely Satisfied, Satisfaction guaranteed. Seriously, its only a jacket, their only boots, its only a shirt. While I do appreciate the quality of LL Bean and do purchase quite a bit of my clothes and gear from them, I have to remember, they cannot completely satisfy me. But when we see something that we want, that is what we think. THIS will satisfy me, this will make my life better, I will feel better about my life if I have it.

At some point we all think this way, maybe it's a car, maybe it's a toy, maybe it's a relationship, maybe it's a baby, maybe it's a new job, maybe it's the respect of others, maybe it's the relief of some suffering or hardship, maybe it's a new church building, maybe it's the winning lottery ticket.


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