by Jerry Vines

Matthew 7:21-27
Jerry Vines

You will agree with me that Jesus is the greatest teacher who ever lived. When the Lord Jesus
came to the earth many of the things He had to say he had in the form of a parable or an illustration.
Jesus was a master story-teller because he understood the tremendous power of illustration. Jesus
would turn his listener's ears into eyes and as he spoke to them they could see the pictures He was
drawing with words.
Jesus would use illustrations about the birds of the air and would say to us that just as the
heavenly Father watches over the birds of the air, even so the heavenly Father watches over us.
Sometimes Jesus would use the sheep and point to that one lost sheep. He would say just as the
shepherd would go after the one sheep that was lost, even so the Savior is interested in the one person
who is lost. Jesus wants us to know if we are the only one who needs a Savior He is interested in us.
Jesus wants us to know the importance of the one, the importance of the individual.
Jesus gives in Matthew 5-7 the greatest sermon ever delivered. It is the sermon on the mount.
This sermon abounds in beautiful word pictures. It abounds in illustrations. As Jesus comes to the
conclusion of this tremendous sermon He gives one of the greatest illustrations He ever gave. He
concludes the sermon with a picture about two men who build houses. Jesus said one of those men is a
wise man. The other man is a foolish man. He gives the illustration about both of them building houses.
Then He says the rain descends and the floods come and the wind blows and beats upon those two
houses and when it is over he says one of those houses stands the test, but the other house doesn't
stand the test and falls and crashes.
You can almost see the picture. As this house falls you can a ...

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