by Brian Fletcher

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Suffering, Serving and Seeing (2 of 6)
Series: Matthew
Brian Fletcher
Matthew 20:17-34

Introduction: The soldiers who stormed the beaches at Normandy knew that their mission was of utmost importance in winning the war. They also knew that it was a dangerous mission. They had answered the call to serve their country and they were willing to suffer for it. As I was flipping through a book on D-Day there was a picture that showed some of the contents of the packs they were to carry when they landed at Normandy. In their packs there was a white canvas bag with a number on it. The bag was their own body bag they had to carry with them. I can't imagine what it must have felt like to pack your own body bag in your pack before you go on a mission. But these men knew there would be a cost and it may be their own life.

I wonder if the disciples following Jesus really had any idea what they had gotten themselves into. Jesus is getting ready to go on a mission to Jerusalem and He knew that there would be great suffering and sacrifice this time. But I don't think the disciples really understood the extent of it all. As we look through this passage let's keep a sober mind about the reality of following Christ. For those of you who are searching and checking out Jesus you too need to know the truth about being a Christian. From some of the evangelistic pundits on TV we might think that following Christ is easy, that you will not have to face hardship anymore, that life will suddenly start going ''your way''. But that is not the truth, the truth is that life is hard, it's difficult, there is much pain and suffering. Things don't always go ''our way''. But the truth of Christianity is that life makes sense and we find purpose and meaning in the midst of pain and suffering. God gives us a behind the scenes look at life sometimes, not always, but we begin to see life from God's perspective instead of our own selfish, narrow perspective.

We are going to look at three pa ...

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