by Brian Fletcher

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Beauty and the Betrayer (5 of 6)
Series: Matthew
Brian Fletcher
Matthew 26:1-16

In Matthew 26 we find ourselves at the beginning of the climax to the life of Jesus. Jesus has been telling the disciples on several occasions that he would be betrayed, turned over to the authorities and then killed. Now Jesus is giving one more specific and very important detail, the exact timing of it all. He says, ''in two days…the son of man will be handed over to be crucified.'' Two days! What, are you sure? What was going through the disciples mind at this point?

Matthew then goes on to tell us that the chief priests and the elders assembled to scheme a plan to capture and kill him. But since the Passover feast was coming they wanted to wait until it was over so that the people would not riot.

But actually it is all playing out according to God's plan.

God planned for this to happen during the Passover feast. Remember the Passover was the Jewish celebration of remembering their deliverance from Egypt, and during the Passover they sacrificed a lamb. It is not coincidence that Jesus' death would coincide with the Passover. As the Jews slaughtered the Passover lamb they would also be slaughtering the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

While the chief priests and elders were plotting to kill Jesus, we find Jesus at the home of Simon the Leper. He was having a dinner party in honor of Jesus. Mary, Martha and Lazarus, three of Jesus' best friends had come to the party as well as the disciples. They were having a dinner party in honor of Jesus. (You might say, ''Wait, the passage did not give us all those details.'' But the parallel passage in John 12:1-3 does)
As the party starts Mary pulls out an alabaster jar of very expensive perfume. She breaks the jar and pours all of it on Jesus' head. It rolls down his head, beard past his shoulders, so much perfume it makes its way to his feet. The expensive perfume is full of fragrance and fills the entire ...

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