by Brian Fletcher

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Spiritual Reproduction (6 of 6)
Series: Matthew
Brian Fletcher
Matthew 28:16-20

Intro: Crazy Robert Hayward…helping me along in my faith and work. Teaching me about grace along the way. ''Take them out into the deep water and drown them in love''

What does it mean to be a Disciple ?

- What does it mean to be a Christian? God Sin Jesus Christ Faith
- A disciple is someone who wants to follow Jesus and learn and live his teachings.
- They want to know about their teacher and BE LIKE their teacher
- Being a disciple goes beyond INTELLECTUAL knowledge and moves towards conforming your life to the teacher's life.

- Look at John 13:12-17
- Jesus is TEACHER and LORD (Knowledge and Conformity)
- Jesus is our example, He wants us to imitate Him in how He lives His life
- A disciple gets to know their teacher, they walk behind Him, observing and imitating
- Read and study the Scriptures (especially the Gospels) get to know Jesus
- Talk to others who know Him well, read Bible saturated books.

TRANSITION: Jesus not only wants us to follow Him and be His disciple but He wants us to go out and make disciples. He was here in the flesh for 3 years and then He left the disciples with this commission to go and make MORE. He wants us to SPIRITUALLY REPRODUCE ourselves.
How do I make disciples ?
- The main goal is to tell and teach people about Jesus and encourage them to be like Jesus.
- Another way to put it is: ''To help people grow spiritually in their relationship with Jesus Christ''
- You may think that you are not capable of ''discipling'' someone else. It sounds too technical or something I am unfamiliar with.
- I don't know enough
- I'm not good enough
- I'm too young in my faith
- Shouldn't jus the pastors do that?
- Yes the pastors should be doing it, but the Great Commission is not just for professionals its for EVERYONE who is a disciple to go and make more disciples. This is Jesus' strategy to reach the entire world for the ages to c ...

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