by Dennis Marquardt

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A Good Foothold or The Secure Sole (Soul) (4 of 8)
Series: Spiritual Warfare
Dennis Marquardt
Eph. 6:15; Isa. 52:7-12

INTRO: No doubt you have heard this expression: ''I have good news and bad news''

GOOD NEWS: Church offerings increased 25% this last quarter
BAD NEWS: Both money and the treasurer are missing!

GOOD NEWS: Mr. Troublemaker is finally leaving the church,
BAD NEWS: He is taking half the congregation with him!

GOOD NEWS: The elders voted to give the Pastor a $3,000 a year raise,
BAD NEWS: They also voted to get a new Pastor!

The Gospel is GOOD NEWS (the very meaning of the Greek word is ''good news'' or Gospel. The bad news is that sin destroys, but our good news can destroy the bad!

The soldier of Jesus Christ is instructed by Paul to be sure to have on the sandals of the Gospel of peace. Considering that the sandals worn by Roman soldiers had large nails or pegs on the underside of the sandal is instructive to what Paul is trying to say. These ''hobnail'' sandals enabled the soldier to have sure footing in shifting sand and on slippery slopes; it gave sure footing as well as insulating the soldier from the dirty world beneath his feet. The Gospel is good news to the soldier because it provides sure footing in a world of shifting sands and slippery places, and it also insulates our lives from this world so we can walk with God. It is also good news in the sense that our mission is to announce ''PEACE'' with God through Jesus Christ, which of course is the essence of the Gospel!

We live in a world of spiritual warfare, and having our feet fitted with the Gospel of peace will enable us to stand against the spiritual enemies of this world.

ILLUS: An unbelieving lecturer gave people an opportunity to reply to him after his oration, and he was of course expecting that one or two rashly zealous young men would rise to advance the common arguments for Christianity, which he was quite prepared, by hook or by crook, to battle wit ...

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