by Dennis Marquardt

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Faith up to Reality! (5 of 8)
Series: Spiritual Warfare
Dennis Marquardt
Eph. 6:16; Matt. 14:22-33

INTRO: The Roman soldier had good armor to cover most parts of his body, but it was impractical to cover literally every area such as eyes, arms, elbows, lower legs, etc. To cover everything would mean a man couldn't move!! This was not desirable on the battlefield. So, what was the solution to those areas left uncovered? A LARGE SHIELD! The kind of shield Paul mentions here was not the small hand held type; it was a huge shield that was large enough to literally cover the entire body of the soldier. It was covered with leather that had been soaked in water so that the fiery darts of the enemy would become stuck on the shield and burn out without any damage to the soldier or shield. The shield meant flexibility to cover any exposed area of the body that could not practically be covered in heavy armor.

Like modern warfare, every time sophisticated defensive equipment was invented the enemy found a way to defeat it. Since regular arrows would simply bounce off the heavy armor of a well dressed Roman soldier the enemy had learned a new trick, shoot arrows with a hollow shaft that was filled with a flammable fluid and the tip lit on fire at the soldier and when the arrow struck the metal armor it would shatter releasing the flammable fluid which then could trickle down through the seams of the armor and be lit from the flaming tip of the arrow on contact thus burning alive the soldier. The only recourse for protection was a full length shield that was flexible enough to move around and large enough to completely cover. It is this item that Paul likens to FAITH.

Faith becomes the flexible item for spiritual warfare, always flexible enough to cover anything that comes our way, and larger than life to completely protect us from any flaming dart of Satan's!

Faith allows us to tap the unseen resources of God's power to defeat the enemy. As a spiritual piece o ...

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