by Jerry Vines

Luke 1:13-16
Jerry Vines

A most unusual family. Outside the family of Mary and Joseph and the Lord Jesus, I believe
this family in Luke 1 is the greatest family recorded in Scripture. It is said about each member of the
family - the father Zacharias - that he was filled with the Holy Spirit. The mother - Elizabeth - that she
was filled with the Holy Spirit. It was said about John the Baptist, the son, that he was filled with the
Holy Spirit.
This boy's future was not promising. He was the son of elderly parents, evidently the only child.
He seemed to have some difficulty in relating to people and he spent many years of his life in a
wilderness experience. He was an unusual person. He had a strange kind of diet. He was dressed in a
startling kind of way. He was in every way an unusual kind of person. He didn't seem to be able to
know how to relate to people in such a way as not to get them upset. He could be very blunt and
accusatory in his language. In fact, he had a run-in with one of the political leaders of that time and the
result was that at an early age he died a violent death.
It would be very interesting to read what the sociologists or the psychologists or the theologians
would have to say about this young man's life and what the potential would be for his future whether or
not he would be a winner or a loser in life. Yet, the Lord Jesus Christ said about this young man that of
those who had been born of women there was not one greater than this one. I am referring to the
young man in our Scripture known as John the Baptist. John the Baptist tells us that regardless of the
problems and the pressures and the difficulties kids may face it is possible for kids to win. It is possible
for kids to make it, to be useful and productive and to have a hap ...

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