by Jerry Vines

Luke 1:67
Jerry Vines

The first chapter of the book of Luke is one of the great chapters of the Bible. It's a long
chapter. It is a chapter which tells us about some of the preparation for the coming of the Lord Jesus
Christ and His birth. Woven into these verses that tell us about that preparation we have the account of
what I consider one of the most unusual and one of the most remarkable families in all of the Bible. It is
the family of Zacharias, Elizabeth and John the Baptist. I"m sure you are familiar with John the Baptist.
I want you to also to become familiar with Zacharias the father and Elizabeth the mother. When you
read this first chapter you will discover that theirs was a home that wins. There was a family that really
understood what life is all about and how life is to be lived. In fact, this is the only family I know in the
Bible about whom it says specifically that each member of the family was filled with the Holy Spirit.
You will notice in this chapter that Zacharias the father was filled with the Holy Spirit. You will see that
Elizabeth the mother was filled with the Holy Spirit. You will find that John the Baptist was filled with
the Holy Spirit. Wouldn't you call that a family that wins? Wouldn't you call that a home that wins?
We are going to talk in this message about a man who wins and what it means to be a man who wins.
Some time ago over in the Ocala National Forest there was a retreat held and 50 men
attended. It was called the Wounded Warrior Retreat. These 50 mean gathered. They dressed like
Indians. They beat on tomtoms. They talked to trees and they screamed out in pain. I've never read
what any of them said it did for them. I don't know if it did them any good or not. But that was called
a Wounded Warrior Retreat. It was part of an emphasis that has b ...

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