by Jerry Vines

Matthew 14:13-21
If you had 5,000 hungry men milling around at dinner time,
what would you do? What Jesus did is the thrilling account of how
He fed the 5,000 on this occasion. This is the only miracle per-
formed by our Lord which is found in all four of the gospels. I
had really not intended to speak on this. Brother Bobby Barton
asked me a few weeks ago what I was going to preach on and whether
I was going to deal with the miracle of feeding the 5,000. I
said, "Well, no, I've touched on this in other messages in Mark
and in Luke and I don't plan to do it." But he got me thinking.
So I went back and read those verses again. There are just so
many wonderful truths that will apply to what's going on in our
church today that I really felt like I ought to reach back there
and pick up this miracle.
The setting of this miracle is given to us in verses 13 and
14. We're told that the Lord has taken His disciples to a desert
place. The purpose is so they can get a little rest. In fact,
Mark said that Jesus said it this way,
Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest
a while: (Mark 6:31).
Everytime I think about the Lord saying that I remember what Vance
Havner used to say about our need to take a little break and get a
little rest. He used to say, "If you don't come apart you will
come apart." That is certainly true. All of us need times to get
away to relax and have a little rest. As the Scriptures reveals,
our Lord really didn't get a time of rest. The multitude heard
where He was going and they followed Jesus even to this desert
place. The Lord always put the needs of people above His own per-
sonal needs. On this occasion, He saw the multitude and the Bible
says that He was moved with compassion and that He healed their
sick (verse 14).
It is always interesting to notice how different people look
at multitudes of people. You can tell a great deal about a per-
son's perspective and what they're intereste ...

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