by Jerry Vines

Matthew 16:1-4
Jerry Vines

In four years we will come to the conclusion of one millennium and the beginning of another.
There is a great deal of expectancy and excitement as we conclude the 1900's and as we embark into
the year 2,000.
There has always been a great deal of interest in the future. In ancient times people just like our
day wanted to know what the future was going to bring. So, people would look into the entrails of
animals trying to find a clue. They would consult oracles to try to tell them what the future would bring.
I remember reading that the king of Lydia went to the Delphic oracle and asked the oracle if he should
invade the nation of Persia. The oracle said to the king of Lydia, "Invade Persia and you will conquer a
great empire. He took that to mean that if he would invade Persia he would conquer Persia. So, he
invaded Persia and indeed he conquered a great empire; his own. So, you had to be very careful what
advice you got about the future from the oracles.
In our day there is also an interest in the future. There are those who try to forecast the future
and those who identify the trends that give us a little indication of the things that are ahead. I'm sure
many of you have read some of the books of John Naisbitt. His best seller was Megatrends and in
more recent years he has written the book Megatrends 2,000. In those books he tries to establish for
us some of the trends to give us an idea of what is ahead. One of the most interesting books that has
recently been written is a book by Bill Gates who is the founder and CEO of Microsoft. It is right now
number three on the best seller list and it is entitled The Road Ahead. I have a feeling some of you
business people have read this particular book. In talking about the ...

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