by Jerry Vines

Matthew 22:41-42
Jerry Vines

The Lord Jesus was speaking to His enemies, the Pharisees, who were looking for every
possible way to attack and accuse Him. He raised the question to them, "What do you think about
Christ? What do you think about the anointed one? What is your view concerning the coming of the
Messiah? Whose son is He?"
Of course, that is THE question as we approach the celebration of the birth of our Lord.
Whose Son is this? It is not unusual for a baby to be born. Thousands of babies are born every day.
That's not the question. In Isaiah 9:6 Isaiah predicted, "Unto us a child is born."
The older skeptics used to question whether or not Jesus had ever really existed. But no one
ever today questions the existence of the Lord Jesus. The fact that Jesus was actually born into this
world. There is more evidence for the existence of a personality in history known as Jesus Christ than
we have for the existence of Julius Caesar or George Washington.
The question today is not - unto us a child is born. But Isaiah continued by saying, "unto us a
son is given." That's where the rub comes. That's the real question before us this morning. Who is this
son about whom Isaiah talked. Whose son is he?
When Jesus was born of Mary in Bethlehem, who was that little baby? It really doesn't matter
what you think about Julius Caesar. It really doesn't matter what you think about George Washington.
Those personalities really don't make a great deal of difference. But you cannot be neutral when it
comes to the Lord Jesus Christ. Whose son is He? Eternal matters are at stake. What you believe
about the Lord Jesus and the birth of Jesus into this world will determine all of your eternity.
I've been on a trip to Israel with a number of our people and we had a lot of wonderfu ...

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