by Jerry Vines

Women Who Win
Jerry Vines
Luke 1:41-45

In Luke chapter 1 there is the account of a most unusual family in the Bible. It is the only family I know about of which it is said that every member of the family was filled with the Holy Spirit. Zacharias, the father, was filled with the Holy Spirit. John the Baptist, we are told, was filled with the Holy Spirit from his mother's womb. We are also told that Elizabeth, the mother of the family, was filled with the Holy Spirit. I think you will agree with me that if there is a man and a woman and children in a family all filled with the Holy Spirit, this indeed is a home that wins. This is a family that is going to succeed.

Every time you see a family that succeeds, every time you see a home that wins, more often than not you will find it true that in that family there is a woman who wins. So I want to take the life of Elizabeth because I believe Elizabeth shows us some of the traits of a woman who wins, and use it to speak to all of the women in our congregation today. This doesn't mean that the men are left out. I'll get around to you fellows sometime along the way in the message. But the particular emphasis this morning is about women.

Women, in American society, are facing a changing role. The role of the woman in America is very different from what it used to be. Today, we are talking in terms of the working mother. We are talking about single mothers. We are talking about career women. It is a different picture in America than it has been in recent years in our history. Women in America are finding themselves under increasing pressure. There is a pressure upon women today that women in earlier years did not experience. Many times women today find themselves pulled in three different directions. There's the pull to be the old-fashioned, traditional wife and mother. Then there is the pull to be the career woman. Then there is the pull to be the slim, sexy companion that the media and Hollywood would portray. Wo ...

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