by Jerry Vines

A Song for America
Jerry Vines
Psalm 126

Music is always a part of our national celebrations. At Thanksgiving we have - Come Ye Thankful People Come and Count Your Many Blessings. Christmas is always a time of beautiful music which celebrates the holiday and the season of the year. We have our Jingle Bells and Away in a Manger. We have White Christmas and O, Holy Night. What would Christmas be without beautiful music. The same thing is true for 4th of July celebrations. Music is always a part of them. This afternoon at 5:00 we will have wonderful, glorious, patriotic music and also music of the heart as well as testimonies that will stir the heart. Music is a part of our celebration of our Declaration of Independence. We have Stars and Stripes Forever and The Battle Hymn of the Republic. We have our Yankee Doodle and God Bless America. Because music is a very important part of national celebration times.

That was also true among the people of God, the nation of Israel. As they moved up to the city of Jerusalem for their national celebrations they would sing songs as they went along. Right in the heart of the book of Psalms you will find a group that are called Songs of Degrees. This means that the Jewish people, as they made their way one out of the three times a year they would go up to Jerusalem, would sing these songs. Can you imagine what a glorious thing that must have been as thousands of people from all over the country land would converge on the central capital, Jerusalem. As they would ascend up to the city of Jerusalem, you can almost see them as they would top the hill. There ahead of them would be the capital of Jerusalem. There would be that gold-plated temple, shining like a chunk of gold in the sun, and those thousands of voices would be joined together singing songs of celebration and praises unto their wonderful God.

Psalm 126 is one of these songs. It is a song for the Children of Israel. But the more you read it the more you become a ...

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