by Jerry Vines

Acts 1:9-12
Jerry Vines
1996 Pastors' Conference
First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL.
Most of us live in so many of life's valleys that it does us good every now and then to climb a
mountain. I feel a need tonight, for my own personal benefit, to climb the second-coming mountain and
I hope you won't mind taking that journey with me for a little while.
Many years ago I had an old mountain preacher in Georgia say to me that every great event in the
Bible takes place on a mountain. I have decided he was not far from the truth. If I want to learn theology,
if I want to know who God is, then I climb old rugged Mt. Sinai and I hear God say, "I am that I am." If
I want to study Christology, I want to know who Jesus is, then I climb snow-capped Mt. Herman and I
see the humanity and the divinity of the Lord embraced in transfigured splendor. If I want to know about
salvation, Soteriology, what Jesus has done for us, then I climb jagged Mount Moriah and I see Abraham
as he offers his son, Isaac. I see Isaac receive resurrected life on the basis of a substitute lamb. If I want
to study the second coming, Eschatology, and I want to reflect upon the wonderful truth of the return of
our Lord, then I have to climb the second-coming mountain. I have to take a trip up the Mount of Olives.
It was on the Mount of Olives that the Lord Jesus Christ laid out the basic elements of His return. It is from
this mountain that the Lord Jesus took His journey and ascended back to heaven. At the foot of this
mountain the Lord Jesus spoke words of mystery and went up to Calvary. At the top of this mountain He
spoke words of majesty and He went up to glory. It was from this mountain that the Lord Jesus Christ
took His return back to heaven. Right before the eyes of those astounded and amazed disciples the Lord
Jesus ...

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