by Jerry Vines

Matthew 9:1-8
There is no limit to the power of the Lord Jesus Christ.
There is nothing that Jesus Christ cannot do. There is no place
where Jesus Christ cannot work. Jesus has power in every realm.
He has power in the realm of the physical, the nature and the
spiritual. At the conclusion of the Gospel of Matthew, (28:18)
the Lord Jesus said,
All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.
The power of Jesus Christ reaches into every corner of the uni-
verse. In Colossians 1:16&17 the Bible says,
For by him were all things created, that are in heaven,
and that are in earth...
... and by him all things consist.
The great power of Jesus is the theme of Matthew, chapters 9 & 10.
We learn in particular in these verses that Jesus Christ has the
tremendous power to forgive a person of sin. The same Savior who
has created the sun and causes it to rise every morning is the
Savior who can come into the human heart, forgive sin, and change
a life.
There is a series of miracles given in Matthew, chapter 9 &
10. These particular verses cover the account of the miracle per-
formed in the adopted hometown of Jesus, the city of Capernaum.
The Bible tells us that Jesus took Capernaum as His headquarters
but for some reason the city of Capernaum never seemed to even
acknowledge the presence of Jesus. Jesus did wonderful miracles
there. He performed many of his mighty works there. Yet, the
city of Capernaum seemed to be oblivious to the presence of the
powerful Lord Jesus in their very midst.
That's the way it often is. Sometimes God does a work right
in the midst of the city and the city never even acknowledges that
God is at work. We should never be surprised when this world
doesn't acknowledge the work of God. We should never be amazed
when this world hardly takes notice of what God is doing in it's
midst. This particular miracle may have been performed in the
house of Simon Peter. I personally believe that is ...

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