MATTHEW 5:27-48

by Jerry Vines

MATTHEW 5:27-48
In Matthew, chapter five, Jesus gives us a series of illus-
trations whereby He explains the intention of the Old Testament
Law. His point is that He is in total harmony with the law and
total disharmony with the perversions of the law of men. Six
times, in the remaining part of chapter five, Jesus uses a
statement. He says, You have heard that it was said... but I say
unto you... So here is the original law giver, the Lord Jesus,
who is expounding His law, clearing up His intentions and cor-
recting the perversions of men.
One of the things that made the Lord Jesus the greatest
preacher that ever lived was because He took the Law of God and
applied it in a practical way to the lives of individuals. I have
thought a great deal about why we in America have had a heritage
of Bible teaching, churches, and Bible knowledge all over our land
as we have, and yet there seems to be such a moral dilemma and
emergency in our land. I think we have failed to understand that
the truth of God is intended to be taken and applied to our hearts
in daily life. Somewhere in America, we have lost connection
between what God says in the Bible and how we are to behave in our
daily lives. The Lord Jesus takes the Laws of God and applies
them to our lives in a very practical, vivid and sometimes a very
stunning way.
The Sermon on the Mount begins with a series of verses which
we call the beatitudes that lay before us the characteristics of
those who have become citizens of the kingdom of God. We cannot
measure up to what God teaches in the Sermon on the Mount apart
from the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. As
we read, we will be aware that none of us are able to live up to
this standard of practical Christian living unless we allow the
Lord Jesus to live through us, apply His Words to our hearts and
seek to incorporate these teachings into our lives daily.
I. Killing, vs. 21-26 -
Jesus goes beneath the surfa ...

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