by Dennis Marquardt

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Be Joyful! (4 of 7)
Series: The Church's Stance While Awaiting Christ's Return
Dennis Marquardt
1 Thess. 5:16; 2 Cor. 6:4-10; Jn. 16:22; Philip. 4:4

INTRO: One of the 3 great promises of the Declaration of Independence (i.e. ''Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness'') is the pursuit of happiness - or joy. Biblical joy however goes far beyond mere happiness; in fact it is much greater than simple happiness!

For Christians, JOY is not something you have to earn, IT IS SOME¬THING YOU ALREADY HAVE - but you might not even know it! Indeed, you might have it in Christ and yet not have discovered it:

ILLUS: The great newspaper publisher of the early 20th century, William Randolph Hearst, was a great patron of ART works, he spent a great deal of time and money collecting great works of art. One day he found a description of an artwork that he felt he must own so he sent agents around the world looking for it. After months of searching for this one piece overseas they returned empty-handed, but they discovered some amazing information. The art work was actually near-by, it was found in a warehouse owned by William Randolph Hearst!!! HE ALREADY OWNED IT BUT HAD FAILED YEARS EARLIER TO UNCRATE IT. HE HAD BEEN SEARCHING FOR A TREASURE HE ALREADY HAD BUT DIDN'T REALIZE HE HAD IT! - Source Unknown

This is true of Christian JOY - we have it already in Christ; we just need to discover it and enjoy it! To find anything however, you must know what it is you're looking for. So, we are going to look at Christian joy - something every saved person possesses in Christ!

PROP.SENT: The Bible teaches us that Christians are to be joyful in Christ, that Biblical joy is not a simple feeling but a frame of mind and established on a relationship with Jesus Christ. It is not fleeting like feelings, it is the knowledge that we are never victims, we are always VICTORS! Victors by nature are joyful people!

I. THE COMMAND OF JOYFULNESS 1 Thess. 5:16a; Philip. 4:4

A. Re ...

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