by Steve Wagers

What a Difference a Day Makes!
Steve N. Wagers
Acts 3:1-10

1) The PLIGHT of the SINNER
a) His Birth Produced It
b) His Behavior Proved It
2) The POWER of the SAVIOR
a) Saving Power
b) Sustaining Power
3) The PROOF of the SAVED
a) His Unmistakable Walk
b) His Unstoppable Worship
c) His Undeniable Witness

One of today's oldest churches is in Swan Quarter, North Carolina. The original church was built in 1834.

It is a church with a wonderful and unique history. Before it was built, the congregation had its eye on a plot of land that they desired to build their sanctuary. However, the landowner refused to sell the land; particularly, because he wanted nothing to do with a church. Thus, the church settled to build on a piece of land that was its second choice.

Two years later, after the building was built, a violent storm hit the community. The storm was so destructive that homes were destroyed, trees were uprooted and massive damage was caused. Even the church building itself was lifted off of its foundation and carried more than 300 feet.

When the storm was over, and the smoke settled, they found something very interesting: the church had landed upon the exact plot of ground that it wanted to build on in the first place.

The congregation did not believe this to be an accident, so the name of the church was changed because the congregation believed that the House of God had been MOVED by the Hand of God!

I love this definition of what church is supposed to be,
''The church is not a refrigerator for preserving personal piety; it is a dynamo for changing human wills with power. The church is not a store to furnish hammocks for the lazy; it is an equipping house that offers well-fitted yokes to handle life's load. The church is not a place to dodge life's difficulties; it is a place that furnishes strength and courage to meet them.''

Supernatural things have transpired in just a matter of days.
Acts 1: 120
Acts 2: 3000 saved
Acts ...

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