by Steve Wagers

The Man You Couldn't Talk To
Steve Wagers
I samuel 25:17

1) the character of nabal was flawed
A) a sinful man
B) a selfish man
C) a stubborn man
2) the companion of nabal was faithful
A) abigail was a gracious woman
B) abigail was a generous woman
3) the calamity of nabal was fatal
A) it was too late for reasoning
B) it was too late for repentance

The story is told of franklin roosevelt, who often endured long receiving lines at the white house. He complained that no one really paid any attention to what was said. One day, during a reception, he decided to try an experiment. To each person who passed down the line and shook his hand, he murmured, ''i murdered my grandmother this morning.''

The guests responded with phrases like, ''marvelous! Keep up the good work. We are proud of you. God bless you, sir.'' it was not till the end of the line, while greeting the ambassador from bolivia, that his words were actually heard. Nonplussed, the ambassador leaned over and whispered, ''i'm sure she had it coming.''

Have you ever talked to someone who didn't listen? More specifically, have you ever met anybody who just seemed to ''know-it all. Trying to carry on a conversation with them was like trying to run uphill in molasses with combat boots. Especially, when you were trying to make a conversation about spiritual matters.

According to i samuel 25:17, nabal was such a man.
''he is such a son of belial, that a man cannot speak to him.''

1-his name (3)

(25) ''as his name is, so is he. Nabal is his name and folly is with him.''

If birth certificate were issued in ancient times, the register of deeds had a great shock when he wrote the new baby's name. ''nabal'' means ''fool''

Yet the parents for some unexplained reason remained adamant, and the new arrival began life with a name destined to be prophetical.

2-his neglect (2, 6)

It seemed he had no interest in eternal things but seem to find time for earthly things. He had one g ...

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