by Steve Wagers

There's No Place Like Rome
Steve N. Wagers
Acts 28

1. A New DAY Arises
(A) How Paul Was Greeted
B) Why Paul Was Grateful
1) Welcome 2) Warmth

2. A New DEVIL Appears
(A) Servant Lends A Hand
(B) Serpent Lays A Hold
1) Accusation 2) Intimidation

3. A New DOOR Awaits
(A) Power to Solidify the Work of God
(B) Provision to Sustain the Will of God

I read about a man who was riding his motorcycle along a country road. He stopped to talk to a preacher in the churchyard, and the preacher asked him where he was going. The man said, ''I'm going to town to sell my motorcycle.'' The preacher said, ''You ought to say, 'I'm riding into town to sell my motorcycle if it be the Lord's will.'''

The man rolled his eyes, laughed and roared off toward town. He thought to himself, ''Sell my motorcycle if it be the Lord's will? Lord's will or not, I'm selling my motorcycle. Later that afternoon, the preacher saw the fellow coming down the road stumbling and staggering.

His pants were torn exposing skinned knees. His arm was in a sling. His shirt was half-torn off his back. His hair was a mess. His elbows and forearms were covered in blood. The preacher asked him, ''Son, what happened to you?'' The fellow replied, ''After I left you, I was on my way to town and a big storm came up. I tried to outrun it, but the rain began to fall like lumps of lead.''

He continued, ''As I was going around a big curve, I hit some loose gravel and the motorcycle slid out from under me. I skidded more than a hundred feet on the pavement. I managed to get up and walked to a nearby farmhouse. As I walked up to the door, a frightened woman pointed a shotgun in my direction. I started running and she started shooting. I ran through the brush and briars and got all scratched up.''

''As I stood there, picking buckshot out of my backside, lightening struck a tree and fell on me.'' The preacher asked, ''Well, where are you going now?'' The man said, ''I'm going home…IF IT BE THE L ...

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