by Brian Fletcher

Reflections on Peter
Brian Fletcher
Matthew 27:57-75

What was Peter doing? Just a few hours before this he was ready to single-handedly take on several hundred Roman soldiers. But now, Peter is denying that he even knows Jesus. Was Peter just in shock over what had taken place in the last few hours? Was Peter scared? Was he confused? Had Peter lost hope? More than likely Peter was feeling and experiencing all of these emotions. If he was able to overhear what was going on inside, then he just heard that Jesus was sentenced to death. Had it come to this? The last three years had been quite an adventure. Peter witnessed Jesus healing people, teaching the truths of Scripture like he had never heard before. Peter had walked on water with Jesus. He had witnessed and experienced remarkable things, and now was it just going to end? Did it all come down to this? Was this it?

Haven't all of us experienced these feelings and emotions at some point in our lives? Maybe we feel as though God has abandoned us. We are hurting, we are facing extremely difficult circumstances and God seems to be silent and distant ...

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