by Brian Fletcher

The Lord's Supper
Brian Fletcher
I Corinthians 11:23-29

Introduction: Story of Aunt Tissy's needlepoint of our Wedding Date and her putting the wrong date and then we got it fixed. But now I just walk by the picture, I don't look at it, or acknowledge it, it's there but I don't really notice it, unless it's crooked then I might, if I can find the energy, straighten it out on the wall.

1. Q. 168. What is the Lord's supper?
A. The Lord's supper is a sacrament of the New Testament in which bread and wine are given and
received as Christ directed to proclaim his death. Those who receive the Lord's supper in the
right way feed on his body and blood and thereby are spiritually nourished and grow in grace.
They have their union and communion with Christ confirmed, and they publicly witness to and
repeat anew their thankfulness and commitment to God and their mutual love and fellowship
with each other, as members of the same mystical body.

- Q. 162. What is a sacrament?
A. A sacrament is a holy regulation established by Christ in his church as a sign, seal, and outward
display to those within the covenant of grace of the benefits they have from Christ's mediation.
- Q. 163. What are the parts of the sacrament?
A. There are two parts of the sacrament. One is the external, physical sign used according to Christ's
own directions. The other is the internal, spiritual grace signified by the external use.

- Jesus did not want His followers to forget the meaning and importance of his death. This is the climax of human history. Jesus' death is what will take away the wrath of God that we deserve to bear. I dare say that the most popular piece of jewelry in the world is a cross. The cross represents more than a trinket or good luck charm. The cross represents the horror and sacrifice that Jesus went through to pay for your sins. The cross represents the washing away of all your wrong doing past, present and future.
So when we take communion, together, as ...

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