by Brian Fletcher

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Forgiveness (1 of 4)
Series: Mark
Brian Fletcher
Mark 2:1-12

What is the greatest threat to our world today?
ISIS, famine, drought, not enough clean water, global warming(I mean climate change), race relations, Iran getting a nuclear bomb, cancer, heart disease, Ebola, the breakdown of the traditional family?
Two things I really want to communicate today:
1. You need the forgiveness of your sins
2. You are forgiven of your sins through Christ

What was Jesus doing at this house? Verse 2 tells us ''he was preaching the word to them.'' This was not a healing session but more of a teaching session and the house is packed. No more room to fit anyone else in. But the four men who show up with their paralyzed friend don't really care what kind of session this is. All they know is that Jesus has the power to heal their friend. Even though the house is packed and they can't get in, nor are they willing to wait til Jesus comes out, they decide it is of utmost importance for their friend to be healed by Jesus, immediately. So, they do what most people would do, they climb onto the roof dig a hole in it and lower their friend down to the feet of Jesus.

Once the man is lowered into the room it becomes pretty evident to everyone what was wrong with him, he can't walk.

Except Jesus. Jesus sees something else wrong with the man and feels it is more important and more immediate than his physical paralysis. So, the story goes, ''When Jesus saw their faith, he says to the paralytic, son, your sins are forgiven.''

I would imagine the overwhelming response was, ''Well, I didn't see that coming.'' I think they were all surprised that Jesus went straight to the heart of the man to forgive his sins. Plus, how does Jesus even know that the man needed his sins forgiven?
The four friends obviously thought the greatest need of their friend was his paralysis
I am sure that the paralyzed man thought the same thing
The Pharisees were just hardened toward Je ...

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