by Brian Fletcher

Brian Fletcher
Mark 2:1-12

Pre-Intro: Explain that I will preach on Mark 2:1-12 this week and Luke 5:17-26 next week. It is the same story but I want to draw out two major themes in these passages. As we think about moving forward and growing as a church we need to make sure we are staying on task, not just with fundraising but with our vision and mission for ministry to the community.
Andrew has done the hard work of preaching on stewardship and money over the last month. Hard because we tend to have this aversion to preachers asking for money for the church. But in reality it is a discipleship issue. This is not the first time Andrew has preached on stewardship and giving, just the first time during a capital campaign where the need is right in front of us. Thank you for responding to God's calling to give boldly. God moved in your hearts to give and we have exceeded our goals with $773,600. We have a few more hurdles to get over but all things considered it seems God is still leading us towards the Woodlake building. All glory goes to God.

Extreme Makeover, started in 2002, 4 seasons, 52 episodes. The outside of a person is changed. Clothes, hair style, make-up, weight, teeth, plastic surgery, etc. There is this belief that if we clean people up on the outside and make them look really good then their life is going to be so much ''better.''

The truth is that ''better'' is not good enough. God wants so much more for us than ''better''. We have to understand that we were created in the image of God, perfect in every way, yet we turned our backs on God, we rebelled and destroyed the image of God that we were created in. God's plan is not to just make us better but to give us a brand new life, God is working to restore us into the original image He created us in.

What we do with this ''better'' philosophy is we attach it to other people and we think that Christianity will make their lives better. It will produce better marria ...

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