by Donald Cantrell

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Resurrection Reassurance at Corinth (20 of 21)
Series: 1 Corinthians
Donald Cantrell
1 Corinthians 15:1-58

I - The Proofs and People of the Resurrection (1 - 11)
II - The Pertinence and Plausibility of the Resurrection (12 - 19)
III - The Plan and Purpose of the Resurrection (20 - 28)
IV - The Passion and Persuasion of the Resurrection (29 - 34)
V - The Principle and Preview of the Resurrection (35 - 49)
VI - The Power and Potency of the Resurrection (50 - 58)

This Sermon contains a fully alliterated outline with sub-points.

Theme: ''Discussing the importance and the implications of the resurrection''

Resurrection-It Changes Everything

A graduate student, who was a Christian, was having coffee with a fellow student, a seeker. They began talking about philosophy and religion. The Christian asked his fellow student what he thought about Jesus.

The seeker said many fine things about Jesus, citing His example and His teachings. As they began talking about the Person of Christ, the Christian asked, ''What do you think of the resurrection?''

''I'm not sure,'' said the seeker, ''but I know this: If it is true, it changes everything.''

Indeed it does.


A 2013 Harris Poll shows that 75 percent of Americans believe in God. This is a significant number, but down a bit from recent years. According to the same survey, 68 percent believe in some concept of the divinity of Jesus, and 65 percent believe in His resurrection. In addition, 68 percent believe in heaven, while only 58 percent believe in hell.


It was Easter Sunday and the pastor gathered the children at the front of the church to ask them about the meaning of Easter. The pastor was disappointed as he listened to the first response: ''Easter is the day the Easter Bunny comes and kids look for hidden eggs and eat chocolate.''

The second response was more encouraging as a young girl said, ''Easter is the time we remember Jesus died and later ...

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