by Brian Fletcher

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An Intersection of Two Crowds (5 of 12)
Series: Luke
Brian Fletcher
Luke 7:11-17

Read the passage. Pray.

Have you ever seen something spectacular, something that you were talking about for days after it happened. Remember the USA men's swim team winning the 4x100 relay in the Olympics beating the French or when Michael Phelps won the gold by a fingernail? Those were spectacular events and we all talked about them for days. Well this morning we have just read something spectacular and I wish that we all could have been there to witness it for ourselves. Jesus just raised a dead man to life. Other than reading about accounts like this in the Bible none of us have ever seen someone raised to life in person. I believe that the people who were eyewitnesses to this spectacular event not only talked about it for days, but I would imagine it was burned into their memory for the rest of their life. I don't think a day would go by that I would forget what happened when Jesus said to the dead boy, ''Get up!''

As we will see in a moment that while we can apply this passage in many ways the central focus should be that Jesus, the Son of God, the Word who became flesh, the visible image of the invisible God, has the power over death. So as we look at this passage let's always keep that before us, Jesus alone has the power to bring the dead back to life.

I want us to go back together and see what happens, who is involved and what the implications are for us today.

What Happens and Who is Involved:

Verse11 says that Jesus was coming into the town of Nain and ''a great crowd went with him.'' Jesus was coming from Capurnum where he had healed a Centurians servant. Jesus had done many miraculous things and many people were following him. Hundreds and in some cases thousands of people wanted to see what Jesus would do or say next. So this crowd follows him to Nain. But as they were approaching the city up in the distance coming out of the town was ...

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