by Brian Fletcher

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Jesus Is Anointed by a Sinful Woman (6 of 12)
Series: Luke
Brian Fletcher
Luke 7:36-50


Stats on people being in debt

What kind of debt to you have? House, car, school, neighbors tools?

Owe an apology?

Lancaster tradition when someone gave you a plate of cookies you had to return the plate with something on it.

Seeing someone on the side of the road getting a speeding ticket

Three Responses:

1. Ha, they are getting what they deserve

2. That's a bummer, I've been there before, I sure hope the officer is lenient

3. That's amusing or entertaining

In this story I believe there are three different groups of people that have similar responses to what happens when Jesus goes to the house of Simon the Pharisee for dinner. Let's read it first…

The Incident

Let's go back in time together to that evening and put yourself in the story.

- Jesus is invited to Simon the Pharisee's house for dinner

- Jesus walks down the dusty, dirty unpaved road to get there wearing sandals

- House full of people; friends and family, other Pharisees and bystanders

- As guests arrive they are greeted with a kiss, given water to wash their feet and oil for their heads, except for Jesus, he is not given any of these common courtesies

- As Jesus reclines at the table a woman enters the room and begins to make a scene

- The woman is known in the town to be a ''sinner'' possibly a prostitute

- She is standing behind Jesus weeping, her tears falling all over his feet, she takes out an alabaster jar of perfume (which is very expensive) breaks the jar and pours the perfume on Jesus' feet, all the while kissing his feet and wiping them with her hair

There are at least two probably three responses going on in the room as this incident plays out:

1. Jesus is not bothered by who the woman is and thinks what she is doing is beautiful and (as we will see later) a sign of repentance and faith.

2. Simon is disturbed and condemning ...

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