by Jerry Vines

Looking for the Lost Coin (stories Part 5)
Jerry Vines
Luke 15:8-10

Luke chapter 15 has been called God's Lost and Found Department. Because in this chapter
we have a series of things that are lost and need to be found. We have a picture here in the Word of God of how very important lost people are to God, and how very serious it is for something to be lost.

Notice as you move through these particular stories how the percentages increase. In the
parable about the one lost sheep it was only 1% - one sheep out of a hundred. Now in the parable of the ten coins, it is 10% - one lost coin. When we come to the parable Jesus gives of the lost boy it will be 50% of the boys - one out of the two boys that are lost. What the Holy Spirit is trying to do is impress upon us the seriousness of what it means to be lost.

Another thing you will notice about these parables is that also they give us different aspects of
the love and the concern of God for lost things. When you look at the parable of the shepherd on the field trying to find the one lost sheep it is a picture to us of God the Son, the Lord Jesus who like a shepherd is seeking those who are lost. When we study the parable of the prodigal son we see a picture here of God. God, the Father, who is indeed a loving father, looking for that one boy that is lost. In this particular parable I think we have a picture of God the Holy Spirit. When you look at this woman sweeping her house, trying to find the one coin, I think you have a picture of God the Holy Spirit searching for those who are lost. Jesus came all the way down from heaven to this earth and He said in Luke 19:10, ''The Son of Man comes to seek and to save that which was lost.'' That's the reason He came. That's the reason He lived. That's the reason He went to the cross of Calvary. Jesus went to the cross to give His life for the lost.
Now we see the Holy Spirit has come into the world. God has sent the blessed Holy Spirit.
And the role of the H ...

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