by Brian Fletcher

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Is God Disappointed in Us? (10 of 12)
Series: Luke
Brian Fletcher
Luke 15:1-10; 20-24

Introduction: I remember the moment with crystal clear clarity. We were sitting in a restaurant and about to go over my performance review. To see how I had done in accomplishing the goals we had set earlier in the year and I actually felt pretty good about how I had been doing. But, the first words out of the man's mouth were, ''I'm so disappointed in you.'' Being someone who lived to please others, I was totally crushed. My heart sank, my spirit completely deflated and I'm sure my body language revealed that I was devastated.

Those are some of the most hurtful words anyone can hear. We have all been told at some point in our lives by someone, ''I'm disappointed in you.'' Maybe it was a parent or a teacher or coach. Whoever it was, the words hurt really bad. The words, ''I'm disappointed in you,'' can be devastating.

When someone tells us they are disappointed in us, they are telling us that they expected us to do one thing (the right thing) but we did the wrong thing. Maybe we stole something, looked at something, wrecked into something or said something we shouldn't have said, or simply did not accomplish some goals that others expected us to.

We expect people to do certain things or we expect things to go a certain way. It rains everyday on vacation and we are disappointed, we thought we were going to win an award and someone else was chosen. We can be disappointed in ourselves as well. Disappointment is everywhere. But the question for us today is this:

''Is God disappointed in us?''

Let's take a look at Luke 15 and a few other passages to answer the question this questions

1. No God is not Disappointed in you, He actually CELEBRATES you!

There are three parables in Luke 15 and each reveal the heart of God.

Parable #1: The lost Sheep

3?So he told them this parable:?4?''What man of you, having a hundred sheep,?if he has lost one of ...

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