by Brian Fletcher

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The God Who Celebrates (11 of 12)
Series: Luke
Brian Fletcher
Luke 15:21-32

WE Rhythm with the heartbeat of God


Our friends Chris and Rebecca Perry, who live here in Midlothian, hosted a young 14 year old orphan from the Ukraine. They hosted her in hopes that the young girl would decide she would like to be adopted into their family.

Think about the drastic difference this girl was experiencing. In the Ukraine it is cold, physically, emotionally and spiritually. She had no biological family, only friends from school, no church family. Being 14 years old she only had 2 more years in the orphanage until she was literally tossed out onto the streets to fin for herself. At that point she would have to find a job and a place to live, all on her own.

Chris, Rebecca and their own children loved on Alona, showering her with care and compassion for two solid weeks. Their extended family, neighbors and church reached out to her. Even our daughter Molly invited her over for a party with her friends. She was able to experience Christmas here in the states, a Christmas with a deeply rooted Christian family, who tried to express Christ's love to her at every moment possible. The Perry's were able to offer Alona an excellent education and hope for a great future.

After the two weeks were over Alona had to decide whether or not she would be adopted by this family. Her final answer came at the airport to go back to the Ukraine. She would either decide that Chris and Rebecca come and get her or that they don't. Here is a portion from Rebecca's blog:

We went to the airport with our other hosting friends. On the verge of tears the entire way. Zoya, the translator who helped us express our desires came. I mouthed to her, ''she said NO''. Surprised, Zoya went to help them check their luggage. She returned and asked me, ''Who told you she said No? I just asked her and she said, ''I don't know''. I told her about us asking Alyona if she w ...

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