by Brian Fletcher

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Jesus Is Our Prophet, Priest and King (12 of 12)
Series: Luke
Brian Fletcher
Luke 19:28-48

This passage/event is about worship, worship of Jesus, our prophet, priest and king. Let's set the stage for where we have come to this point in Jesus' life. For the last 3 years Jesus has come onto the scene as a Rabbi, as a miracle worker, as someone who claims to be God and therefore is called a blasphemer, Jesus has healed lepers, the blind and the lame, Jesus has befriended tax collectors and prostitutes and has been labeled a friend of sinners, a drunkard and a glutton. He has astounded the wisest teachers of the law with his knowledge and application and he has taught in such a way that the poorest and least educated can understand the good news that God has come to save his people from their sins.

Now we come to the final week of Jesus' earthly life. While we know how the story is going to end, we know what is going to happen, the people around him don't know, even though he has told them at least three times. The life of Jesus is about to culminate in this one week. The significance of what Jesus is about to do will change the entire course of history both in the future and in the past. It is only fitting that Jesus would come into Jerusalem with one crowd of people bowing down to worshiping him and another crowd of people plotting to kill him.


Intro: Rock, can you hear the rock cry out and worship?
All creation is made to worship God.

Part 1: Jesus is our (humble) KING v.28-40 [Rules righteously]

The disciples and those who were following Jesus were worshiping Him, yet the Pharisees and religious leaders would not, they thought it was blasphemy. But Jesus says that even the rocks would cry out if the people were silent.

Jesus' victory parade seems a little premature. However, this triumphal entry was prophesied over 550 years before when the prophet Zechariah said:

Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion! Shout aloud, O daughter ...

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