by Brian Fletcher

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God's Mercy (2 of 2)
Series: Jonah
Brian Fletcher
Jonah 4:5-11

See Romans 9:14-16 God has mercy on whom He has mercy…

The question posed by God to Jonah about him having pity on a plant and not on a city, the answer should be embarrassing for Jonah, just like when Jesus poses the same question to the Pharisees when He is rebuked for healing on the Sabbath.

It is easy to pity the pitiable but not those who egregiously sin against God. Ironically, even the pitiable people have sinned just as egregiously as the unpitiable

Biblical Truths:
- God loves egregious sinners
- God is patient with His people who are stubborn and cold-hearted, God is willing to work with them, to show them the folly and coldness of their hearts
- God actually creates circumstances to reveal our sinful hearts
- God works with people in their situations
- God is sovereign and in control
- God willingly brings people to Himself who are unwilling
- The Ninevites were unwilling to worship God, but God made their dead hearts come alive and they repented and believed.
- God uses stubborn people to reach those who are egregious sinners

Fallen Conditions:
- We tend to only want to pity those who are pitiable, not the egregious sinner
- We can get angry at God's mercy
- People are trapped in their sins and do not know right from wrong.

Redemptive Focus
- God is changing Jonah's heart to be more compassionate toward egregious sinners
- God is having pity/mercy on egregious sinners
- These are fully fulfilled in Christ as he has secured the salvation of those unwilling to worship Him

- I need to realize, confess and repent of my own egregious sins
- I need to allow my heart to be aligned with God's heart for egregious sinners
- I need to understand that people who do not know God are trapped and it is beyond their control to save themselves
- God is willing to use me to proclaim His gospel to others who are trapped and withou ...

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