by Brian Fletcher

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Famous Last Words (2 of 2)
Series: John
Brian Fletcher
John 15:1-17

- Are you guys ready? Let's roll.
- Who: Todd Beamer, passenger on United Flight 93, September 11, 2001.

- Yes...A bullet-proof vest
- Who: James W. Rodgers
- Note: Asked if he has any last requests before facing a firing squad.

- I have offended God and mankind because my work did not reach the quality it should have.
~~ Leonardo da Vinci,

This passage is full of amazing truths that we could spend the next 6-8 months talking about. However, I am just going to draw out a couple of key points for this week and challenge us in our journey of discipleship.

This is one big conversation that Jesus has with his disciples the night before he is betrayed.
Chapters 13-17 take place in a matter of hours. These are Jesus' last words to his disciples.

Disciples of Christ will Abide in Christ

The first thing we need to do is take a really close look at this word ''abide''. The NIV translates it as ''remain''
Jesus uses this word 11 times in these few verses so we know He is trying to get an important point across.
Abiding is a picture of our permanent union with Christ
Define Abide:
Inward, enduring, personal communion
Remaining, staying, continue, persist, live, dwell
v.5 ''whoever abides in me and I in him…'' So we abide in Jesus but He abides in us in this inseparable union, a union that has been established, confirmed and sealed by the blood of Christ.

Why does Jesus use such intimate language? Because he wants us to realize the intimate character of our relationship with him. This is not just a regular friendship, and even as Jesus sits at God's right hand it will not be a long distance relationship. Yes, Jesus calls us ''friends'' but friends that are willing to die for one another and of course Jesus goes on to prove such and intimate friendship by dying for us. The Spirit of Christ actually lives and dwells within your heart.
When Jesus promises to ...

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