by Steve Wagers

The Question That Changes Everything
Steve N. Wagers
Acts 9:6

1. The Passion that Defined His Life
A) What God Had Done FOR Him
B) What God Had Done WITH Him
2. The Plea that Directed His Life
A) He Discovered God's Will
B) He Did God's Will
3. The Purpose that Determined His Life
A) An Uneasy Path
B) An Unending Profit

Mahatma Gandhi was called ''the father of modern India.''. He became the political and spiritual leader of India, leading his people to independence from Great Britain in 1947. On one occasion he led thousands on a 200-mile march to call attention to his message of tolerance.

A Hindu extremist, who objected to Gandhi's message of tolerance for the Muslims, fatally shot and assassinated Gandhi on January 20, 1948. Albert Einstein said of Gandhi, ''Generations to come, it may be, will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon the earth.''

I think we would all agree that is One who came in ''flesh and blood'' far, far greater than Ghandi, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Next to Jesus, I believe we would be safe to say that the apostle Paul was such a one as well. He challenged his world. He charged his world. And he changed his world with the gospel.

W. H. Griffith Thomas said, ''This is indeed the pivot on which turned not only his own career, but the future of the Christian church.''

F. F. Bruce writes, ''We cannot imagine the spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire, and around the world, without the work of Paul.''

Acts 9 opens with Saul of Tarsus; it closes with Paul the apostle. It opens with a bad man; it closes with a glad man. It opens with a murderer against the gospel; it closes with a messenger of the gospel. It opens with a persecutor of the church; it closes with a preacher for the church.

There are 2 characters in Acts 9: Saul (Paul) and God. One was the unstoppable challenger; the other was the undisputed champion.

Everything about the life of Saul was about to chang ...

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