by Dennis Marquardt

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Obedience Stage! (1 of 6)
Series: Journey of Faith
Dennis Marquardt
Genesis 11:27-12:9; Acts 7:2-5

INTRO: The very first lessons of life are those that involve OBEDIENCE! Some of the first things we teach our child include their need to obey us!

ILLUS: One evening my husband, Mark, and our preschooler, Krystal, were on the couch chatting. ''Daddy, you're the boss of the house, right?'' I overheard her ask sweetly.
My husband proudly replied, ''Yes, I'm the boss of the house.''
But Krystal quickly burst his bubble when she added, ''Cause Mommy put you in charge, huh Daddy?'' -- Rhonda Mony, Lake Elsinore, California. Christian Reader, ''Kids of the Kingdom.''

This is also true in nature, most baby animals by instinct learn the importance of obedience to their mother's calls immediately after birth; their very survival may depend on these first lessons of obedience, a young animal that strays when its mother calls may well end up as the meal of larger and bigger animals. Obedience in nature is often the difference between life and death!

This can also be true in the spiritual realm - our spiritual vitality and progression will depend on not just the moment of obedience, but the lifestyle of obedience to God's Word and Will!

PROP. SENT: The example of Abraham's journey of faith will teach us to learn well the lessons of faith so that we don't make the errors that can be costly to our walk with God.

I. THE CONDITIONS Gen. 11:27-32

A. Dismal! Gen. 11:27-30
1. Ur was a huge city even by today's standards, the first real huge URban center!
2. Ur was a hustle and bustle city on the Euphrates River with lots of trade ships coming and going; as well as being the major crossroads city for land caravans.
3. It was quite developed at the time of Abraham - in fact the city had been in existence already for more than 1,000 years.
4. The people of the city worshipped idols - the most important god was ''SIN'' - the Babylonian moon god. (Rather appr ...

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