by Dennis Marquardt

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Choosing Stage! (3 of 6)
Series: Journey of Faith
Dennis Marquardt
Genesis 13:1-18; Proverbs 9:17-18

INTRO: The idea of ''choice'' is more important that we like to think.

ILLUS: Near the close of the civil war a bowery bum had been found dead with a slashed throat. The derelict's name and address were misspelled on the hospital forms and the age had even been recorded incorrectly, but no one much cared ... he had obviously been a bum for some time by the looks of his body. The man had lived only to drink, when taken to the hospital at first he still was just barely alive, for 3 days he hung on and then passed away, the cause of death listed as: ''malnutrition, alcoholism and loss of blood from the slashed throat.'' Finally an old friend recognized the man as someone he knew, going through his coat pocket he found 38 cents and a scrap of paper ... enough money for one more night at the bowery, the note said, ''Dear Friends and gentle hearts.'' Nothing more ... but before his death in 1864 this man who died at the age of 38 had written these songs: ''CAMPTOWN RACES'' … ''OH SUSANNA'' … ''JEANIE WITH THE LIGHT BROWN HAIR'' … ''MY OLD KENTUCKY HOME'' … and hundreds of other popular tunes. His name was Stephen Foster! The choices he made in his later years robbed him of the joy of life he could have experienced ... instead he chose the bottle which robbed him of his wealth, pride, success, happiness, and his eternal soul! - Source Unknown

Choosing once is not enough! We must learn to make correct choices every day of our life if we are to live successfully for God, it is the choices we make that will make the difference between FULFILLMENT or EMPTINESS as a Christian - and by the way, not choosing anything can be a choice to regress!

PROP. SENT: It is critical that we continue to choose correct godly ways everyday of our lives, doing so once in a while is not enough, it is the daily choices that frame much of our happiness or sorrow in life, so learn t ...

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