by Dennis Marquardt

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Communion Stage! (5 of 6)
Series: Journey of Faith
Dennis Marquardt
Genesis 14:17-24

INTRO: A young child once was heard screaming and crying out of control, he had shoved his hand into a very expensive Chinese vase in another room and could not retract his hand - it was stuck! In pain he continued pulling, and crying - as the parents and adult guests ran into the room to find the child almost out of control, they tried everything they could think of - soap, lard, hand cream lotion ... all the while the child continued to cry out in agony. Finally, frustrated and exhausted by all the efforts and the child's unceasing screaming, the owner of the very expensive vase agreed to allow it to be shattered to end the ordeal! All else had failed, and so as carefully as possible so as not to injure the child the vase was shattered. As the pieces fell to the floor the child's hand came into view! It was clenched tightly into a fist! No wonder it couldn't come out! When the now calm child opened his hand, to their amazement he was clenching a single penny ... the boy had spotted it in the bottom of the vase and wished to have it, since he would not let go of it, a very expensive vase had to be destroyed for a single penny, and the ignorance of a child's sense of value!!!

Yet, how many are like that boy - they have clutched at this world and in agony they cry - yet they won't let go, only to find in eternity that they were holding on to things that have almost no value, and only their shattered lives will reveal that. What we grasp the most needs to be considered for its real value!

PROP. SENT: This text reveals to us the fact that there are two great powers in the universe that we will choose to submit to and embrace, be sure you know the true value of what you embrace lest you find that there is no value at all in the end, only the eternal has lasting value!

I. KINGS OF SHAVEH! Gen. 14:17

A. Salutations! Gen. 14:17
1. As Abram returns from defeating the e ...

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