by Dennis Marquardt

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Covenant Stage! (6 of 6)
Series: Journey of Faith
Dennis Marquardt
Genesis 15:1-21

INTRO: Several years ago this article appeared in an east coast paper:
A woman was driving home when she noticed a huge truck behind her driving a bit too close for comfort. She stepped on the gas to put some distance between her and this big truck, but when she stepped on the gas so did the truck driver! The faster she drove, the faster he drove!

Now scared - she exited the freeway in the hopes of losing him, but to her pounding heart so did the truck driver! She began making turns all over the cities streets trying to get away from the truck driver - but like before he kept right up with her, now reaching the point of panic she quickly drove into a gas station, jumped out of her car screaming for help - only to be amazed at the sight of this truck driver following her right into the gas station - suddenly the truck driver screeched to a halt and ran out of his truck to the back door of her car.

To her amazement, the truck driver pulled out of her car's back seat a man who had been lying on the floor waiting to rape her once she had driven to an isolated place - the truck driver being in such a high place in his cab behind her had noticed the man at the first stop light - he had been chasing her to save her from this man's evil desires.

SHE had been running from the wrong person! Instead of the truck driver being her terror, he had turned out to be her savior - even at the cost of endangering his own life from driving such a big rig so wildly following her crazy driving!

How like so many people today - they are running away from the wrong source! The more they run from God the more God chases them - while they fear what God might do to them should He catch them, they are unaware of the enemy hiding in the dark place of their existence - God is not chasing you to hurt you - but to save you! LET HIM CATCH YOU!!

PROP. SENT: The way to God is OPEN - God longs fo ...

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