by Jerry Watts

The Empowered Life
Jerry Watts
Exodus 4:1-5

What do you think of when you hear the name, MOSES!! Does your mind go to The Ten Commandment, Breaking the tablets, parting the water of the Red Sea, providing water from the rock, drowning the Egyptian army, or what? Whatever it is for you, his name certainly evokes an action response or an image from you. Interestingly, we remember the ''Burt Lancaster'' style of Moses when miracles were performed, but we forget how he it was that he became that person.

For the most part of Moses' life, he certainly lived the type of life that we all want to live, he was empowered by the God of heaven to live a life honored, respected, and revered by mankind and a life that influence millions. How did this happen? How can we live an empowered life?

Forty years ago I had the privilege of meeting a preacher who had left an SBC church in Texas to begin an Itinerant ministry. For most Southern Baptists, he went off the deep end of theology. However, having heard him preach many times in these years, I have yet to hear Jack Taylor preach when I didn't sense the power of God on his life and ministry. His influence is center stage in this message because of his small book published in 1971 by Broadman Press entitled, ''The Key to Triumphant Living.'' He advocated that the 'key' was Colossians 1:27b which reads, ''Christ in you, the hope of glory.'' Can you catch this concept? The only hope for humankind, for this culture, for the church, for you, and for time and eternity, is CHRIST IN YOU. That is, the Holy, Manifest Presence of God living in and through you every day. Moses' life offers us help.

Moses was born in Egypt in a day when it was not popular to be a boy baby. In fact, the Pharaoh had ordered all boy babies under 2 years old to be killed. As you remember, the family of Jacob went to Egypt during the famine while Joseph was 2nd in command. From this family, the Jews grew in number until the Pharaoh felt threatened so ...

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