by Brian Fletcher

Living Faith Works
Brian Fletcher
James 2:14-26

My fear is that our passage today has the possibility of putting you to sleep. We have a very serious theological topic to cover this morning. So, my hope and prayer is that between the uncomfortable chairs, some visual illustrations and possibly an elbow to the ribs by your spouse you will be able to stay awake. - James 2:14-26

So far in this series on James, we have been examining what Living Faith looks like, LF perseveres through trials, LF perseveres through temptations, LF listens and acts, and LF avoids worthless religion. Today we are going to see that Living Faith Works…

Read James 2:14-26

Introduction: fake apple
We are going to look at two different types of faith:
1. A True, genuine, justifying, living faith
2. A fake faith

But before we get there I have to confess that,
This is somewhat of a controversial passage because, as you will see, James says that we are justified by our works. This phrase ''justified by our works'' seems totally contrary to what we have taught here at Spring Run so far, and totally contrary to Paul's writings in Romans, where he says that we are justified by faith alone, not by works.

Now, before we go any farther, I want to make sure we understand this odd word, justification. We do not normally use this word in our everyday vocabulary, so let me explain what it is and why we need it.'s definition of justification:
a. the act of justifying
b. the process of being justified or the condition of having been justified
Thanks that was not all!

Let me take a whack at it…

What is Justification:
Justification is the act of taking something that was broken and making it right. For instance,

If you act wrongly towards someone you may try to justify your actions to make it right. This is something that happened to me last week: ''you rear ended me, yeah but that's because I was looking down at my phone.' ...

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