by Brian Fletcher

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God Is Faithful (1 of 2)
Series: Genesis
Brian Fletcher
Genesis 6:9-22; Hebrews 11:7

Introductory remarks about the Bible.
The Bible is not primarily a biology book, a psychology book, a science book or a literature book. The Bible is primarily a HOLY BOOK. It is a book of God's specifically chosen words to us, it is God's story of Himself, His Creation and His Covenantal promises to His creation, even in the face of a rebellious humanity. It is a story of a God of justice and mercy being faithful to a faithless people.

This morning as we press forward through the book of Genesis we get to the story of Noah and the Flood; one of the most well known stories in the entire Bible. What I am NOT going to do this morning is get into the historicity of the flood itself. The Bible portrays this story, not as myth, but as a true, actual, historical event. We believe the Bible to be completely trustworthy in all it says. Therefore, we will NOT take any time to refute any liberal interpretations that may say this story is fiction. God says it is true and so we stand by the character of God and believe in its historical accuracy.

Today we concern ourselves with this story of Noah and the Flood and how it continues to unfold the faithfulness of God in keeping His Covenant with a faithless people.

Read Genesis 6:9-22

Intro: The Family Tree
We all have a family tree. Some of us are really into it, researching, digging around libraries and county records offices, subscribing to Julie's grandfather was really into it, with the big huge piece of paper that outlined where everybody came from. Family trees are important and they can tell us a great deal about our history, where we came from, they can tell us medical history, why someone might be so tall, or if someone is prone to nosebleeds, etc.

I say this because Andrew finished off ch. 4 of Genesis and I am picking up in Ch. 6. But what about Ch. 5? Due to time constraints I will not read al ...

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