by Brian Fletcher

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Stars and Smoking Pots (2 of 2)
Series: Genesis
Brian Fletcher
Genesis 15

''Timing is Everything…''
The timing of a punch line in a joke
The timing of asking someone to marry you
How much time you give yourself to get to an appointment
How much time it will take for it to rain so your crops will grow
The time for the cookies to come out of the oven at just the right time
The timing in approaching a friend over a conflict you are having
The timing of purchasing a building?

We all understand timing and in our own minds we know exactly how to time certain things in our lives.

We also say…

''God's timing is perfect''. At least that is what we say with our mouths, but in our hearts and minds we can be confused over God's timing of certain events in our lives.
Why did my air conditioner have to break down right now?
Why did my kids get sick ''on vacation'' couldn't they wait until after our vacation?
Why does everything in my life go wrong all at the same time?
We end up saying, ''God what in the world are you doing? Why this? Why now? ''
I mean we all know that God can do whatever He wants whenever He wants.
But we want God to do what we want and we want Him to do it when we want it, in our timing. We have this convoluted idea that we know better than God does.

Unfortunately, this arrogance is what has gotten us into the mess we have to live with. If you look at your life and say, ''Why does everything have to be so difficult? Why does life have to be so hard?'' My answer is going to be very unpopular...The central answer is that you have decided to live life the way you want to, instead of the way God wants you to. When you combine everyone in the world choosing to live selfishly then you come up with a really messed up world. Now I understand that there are certainly some things out of your control that make your life hard, but a lot of things that we struggle with are due to our own selfishness and desire to run the world.
I ...

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