by Brian Fletcher

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Weak and Worthless or Strong and Valuable? (2 of 2)
Series: Galatians
Brian Fletcher
Galatians 4:8-20

Possible Introduction illustration: Have a table with idols displayed: cell phone, android, tablet, computer, car, food, mirror, bottle of wine, soccer ball, wedding picture, weight scale
In and of themselves these things are weak and worthless. I realize some of them cost a lot of money, yet they are still worthless. They will go out of style, they will rust, there will be an upgrade that is always better, faster, more hip. We are the ones who give these things their value. We allow them to run our lives and eventually we become their slaves when they were meant to serve us.

How do you allow the people and culture around us to judge us or evaluate us which in turn enslaves us to them?

The gods want to enslave you

How do the gods want to enslave us?
They want us to believe that they are valuable. Look at verse17:
Galatians 4:17 They make much of you, but for no good purpose. They want to shut you out, that you may make much of them.
This is exactly how marketing works...there is a product that wants to make you look good but in reality they only want to make you look good so you will make them look good and then they make more money, and they have just used you in the process, they don't really care about you, they just needed you to make them look good.
Is the product bad? Not necessarily. But does it have power over you? Is it using you?
Have you put your hope and trust in this particular product to do something for you?
Satan uses good things to become our gods by trying to trick and deceive us.

What are the consequences to being enslaved by the gods?
Keeps us from worshiping the one and only True God
Distracts us from serving the one and only True God
Makes us look foolish
We allow these false gods to evaluate us (how smart, good-looking, healthy, lifestyle, etc)
We allow these false gods to create our identity
We give t ...

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