by Brian Fletcher

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Personal Interference (3 of 9)
Series: Ephesians
Brian Fletcher
Ephesians 4:30

''And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.''
Read Ephesians 4:25-32 to give the context of the verse and the theme of our sermons on communication.

Intro: Have you ever said or done something that made your spouse really mad, but when you talked about it later you found out they were more hurt than mad?
Charles Spurgeon says, ''When we cause others grief it is a mixture of anger and love.''
This describes the emotions of our spouse. They are angered by our actions or words yet they love us deeply and this creates a sense of grief, disappointment and hurt.

As we look at this passage this morning we are going to answer four key questions:
1. How do I grieve the Holy Spirit?
2. Why do I grieve the Holy Spirit?
3. What will happen to me if I grieve the Holy Spirit?
4. What should I do when I grieve the Holy Spirit?

1. How do I grieve the Holy Spirit?

We grieve the HS when our actions, words or thoughts are not pleasing to God. Sometimes we just say, God, I know you are there and I know exactly what you want me to do but I am going to do something different. I have some things that I really want to say or have and so I am going to ignore you right now and do the opposite of what you want me to do, say or think. Other times we do something to offend another person. We may say something unkind, do something to them that is not nice or we just might think mean thoughts about them.
Ill. Andrew and I watching a fight at ESPN club and a hockey game broke out. The guy whacked another guy in the face with his stick, a personal foul. He personally interfered and off to the penalty box. We personally interfere and personally foul other people with how we treat them.
Need story of saying/doing the wrong thing to Julie
We all have our own ways in which we personally interfere with others. We usually do it with our words. Yo ...

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